Nyköpings Frisksportklubb is a Club that is a subsidiary of Svenska Frisksportförbundet (Swedish association for a healthy life).

As part of this association the goal for this club is that all members shall find a way to and live a healthy life. The Club shall also contribute to that opther people in the society shall have a good living. One of the central ideas in the program is that one shall not use drugs in any form, since drugs eventually will hurt you. Therefore drugs and tobacco may not be used in any activity arranged by this club.

The current activities in the club are mainly Volleyball, Trampoline and “Tips – and Bingo- promenades”.

Beach volleyball (summertime)

We play (practice) beach volleyboll sundays (17:00 to 19:00) and wednesdays (18:00 to 20:00) at Frisksporttorpet- See map.

Tuesdays there there is a competition called “beachtoppen” going on – anyone can come and play – read more.

Volleyball (wintertime)

Volleyball (indoors)  practice and play takes place every week from beginning of september until end of may as follows:

Wednesday 19:00 – 20:00 in Tessinskolan, Nyköping –  See map

Sunday 17:00 -19:00 in Tessinskolan, Nyköping – See map

Volleyball costs

Indoor Volleyboll

The membership in the Club costs 200 SEK per person (over 20 years) and year. For younger persons it is 150 SEK per person.
In addition to the member fee there is a fee for participation in Volleyball (indoors) of 600 SEK per year.

The membership fee is charged once a year and the volleyboll training fee is charged twice a year. – Thus a volleyboll participant is charged 500 SEK the first time of the year and then (if he/she plays the whole year) another 300 SEK in the autumn.

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In summertime we play Beach Volleyball outdoors. There is no fee for the Beach Volleyball.

See map for Beach-courts at “Torpet”